Throughout the course of the series, and beyond, The Two Ronnies' material was made available in print, on video and on LP's and cassettes. What follows is a list of what I've been able to find over the course of the last few years. There is more, but so far . . .


"But First - The News" Peter Vincent, 1977
"Nice to be With You Again", Peter Vincent, 1977
"In a Packed Programme Tonight", Peter Vincent, 1978
"And It's Hello From Him", Ian Davidson, 1980
"Time For a Few Extra Items", Ian Davidson, 1981
"It's Goodnight From Him", Ian Davidson, 1982

On the plus side, these books are full, and I mean full, of all those wonderful news items that opened and closed the Ronnie's shows. On the minus side, there are no pictures of the Ronnies and the illustrations are silly, kiddie joke book quality and take up space that could have been filled with more news. Also, a lot of the jokes are distinctly British specific, and many of them are dated.

"It's Goonight From Him", Ronnie Barker, 1976
A little gem. Ronnie Barker's own material, oddly, but colorfully illustrated. Includes several sketches, monologues and the text of two musicals, "The Plumstead Ladies Male Voice Choir" and "The Short and Fat Minstrels"

"The Two Ronnies Sketchbook", Peter Vincent, 1978
Another gem. Contains many sketches in script format and several monologues, including one sketch never broadcast. A big plus is the inclusion of many photos of the Ronnies taken from the shows.

"The Two Ronnies Annual", Brown Watson pub., 1979
A mixed bag. On one hand, there are news items and monologues and a couple sketches, which have, oddly, been adapted into comic strip format. Big plus, more great photos! Big minus, it's in annual format, so there are additional items, calculator games, a crossword puzzle and dry educational segments that explain, in simple terms, how television works.

"All I Ever Wrote", Ronnie Barker, 1999
The holy grail. No frills, just 734 pages of sketches, monologues, songs, serials, series and stage plays from Ronnie Barker's entire career. Early sketches from "Frost on Sunday", the scripts for Barker's series "His Lordship Entertains" and "Clarence", the complete text of two Piggy Malone/Charlie Farley serials, songs, musical extravaganzas. Many plusses. One minor minus, Barker himself admits, despite the title, it's not complete. But it hardly matters, because there's still so much here.
(note: the punchline to the "Fork Handles" sketch differs here from the one presented on the series. It was probably changed by Barker because the televised ending is purely visual and is probably too esoteric. Besides, he opted for a slightly saucier ending, so all's well)


"The Best of the Two Ronnies" (video OOP, available in Britain on DVD)
Basically, a protracted episode of the series, putting together the best material from several shows into one package. News, sketches, monologues, big chair stories and the musical "Hello Sailor". Great fun.

"The Two Ronnies Collection Set"
Two tapes. The first, "The Two Ronnies: Packed Programme", is a protracted episode of sketches from later in the series. Including the filmed adventure "Tinker, Tailor, Smiley, Doyle" and the musical "The Dancing Marionettes"..The second tape contains two short films, "The Picnic" and "By the Sea", two of the Ronnies silent comedies. Also fun.

"Comedy Greats: The Two Ronnies" (PAL format)
More sketches and stuff, including "Mastermind" and the phone booth sketch. The musical is "Brave Sir John". A brilliant compilation.

"Comedy Greats: Ronnie Barker" (PAL format)
An entertaining overview of Ronnie Barker's career. Includes clips from "Open All Hours", "Porridge", "The Magnificent Evans" and "Clarence", along with Ronnies sketches and songs, including "Fork Handles", "McCleary's Gold" and the song "Girls I've Met". Wonderful.


"The Two Ronnies"
Side 1
1. Opening News
2. The Strange Case of Mrs. Mace
3. Plain Speaking
4. Grublian
5. Dr. Spooner Revisited
6. A Doctor's Life (i)
7. About a Bout
8. Closing News
Side 2
1. Opening News
2. Doctors Anonymous
3. Jolly Rhymes
4. The Complete Rook
5. Ronnie Corbett's Chat Spot
6. A Doctor's Life (ii)
7. Closing News

"The Two Ronnies Vol 2: Me and Him"
Side 1
1. Opening News
2. Train of Events
3. Mispronunciation
4(a). Put Me Down for Two
4(b). Late News
5. Night, Night
6. Cheers
7. Cricket Commentators
8. Closing News
Side 2
1. Opening News
2. All in a Day's Wonk
3. Sex Equality
4(a). Late News
4(b). Pam Ayres
5. The Castaway
6. You're Welcome, Milord
7. Closing News

"The Two Ronnies Vol 3"
Side 1
1. Opening News
2. How's Your Father
3. Ice Cream Parlor
4. Dr. Spooner in the Bookshop
5. Teach Yourself P,C,
6. The Ronnie Corbett Solo
7. Limerick Writers
8. The Late News
Side 2
1. A. The News
    B. Mark My Words
2. The Restaurant
3. A. Trouble and Strife
    B. More Worms
4. Put Your Back Into It
5. The Closing News

"The Two Ronnies Vol 4"
 Side 1
1. Opening News
2. Chacun a Son Gout
3. Ronnie Barker's Solo "British Rail"
4. Sid and Lil, George and Edie "Ouija Board"
5. Conversation Piece
6. Council House
7. Closing News
Side 2
1. Opening News
2. You Are What You Eat
3. Rupert Baird
4. Languager Barrier
5. Ronnie Corbett Chat Spot "Allied Tiches"
6. Yes Man
7. Closing News

"The Best of the Two Ronnies"
Eight, count them, eight musical extravaganza all on one LP! A great find.
Side 2
1. Moira McKeller and Kenneth Anderson
2. The Brass Band
3. The Plumpstead Ladies Male Voice Choir
4. Gilbert and Sullivan
Side 2
1. The Scouts Jamboree Show
2. The Russian Choir
3. The Boys in the Ballet
4. The Short & Fat Minstrels

"Jehosaphat and Jones"
The Two Ronnies as folk singers. Fun, odd songs full of wordplay and innuendo.
Side 1
1. Up Cat Pole Cat
2. Stuttering Bum
3. The Gal Who's Gonna Marry Me
4. Railroad Man
5. Dimples
6. Our Mary Ann
7. We Knew What She Meant
Side 2
1. Nell of the Yukon
2. It Blows My Mind
3. In the Summertime
4. Gal From Arkensaw
5. Barn Dance

"Ronnie Barker's Unbroken British Record"
An odd one. A recording of Two Ronnies material performed, in studio, solo by Barker. The monologues do not suffer much, but the songs, particularly those  originally preformed as a duet, are clearly missing an audience and, most of all, Ronnie Corbett.
Side 1
1. The Irish Medley
   I'll Have a Drink With You
   Thump Thump
   It Pays to Listen
2. Plain Speaking
3. The Redskins Annual Dinner
4. The Vicar of St. Cain and Abel
5. The Chelsea Pensioners Medley
    Phillis Hooter's Ball
    Dolly Gray
Side 2
1. The Scottish Medley
    Amazing Grace
    The Ball of Kirriemuir
    The Yiddish Soldier
2. They Tell Me There's a Lot of it About
3. Not Round Here
4. Pismonunciation
5. The Welsh Medley
    All Through the Night
    A Girl Called Megan
    The Gogogoff Eisteddofod